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Heavenly Grace Ranch Gypsy Vanner/Draft Horse Workshop, November 19, 2011

Video of Heavenly Grace Ranch Gypsy Vanner/Draft Horses

Stan's Photo Art Gypsy Vanner/Draft Horse Workshop!
Stan McQuown, Instructor
November 19, 2011
Heavenly Grace Ranch, Yankee Hill, CA
2 - 6 PM
Cost $60 per student
4 students min. 6 max.

Items needed by student:

1) Digital camera with a built-in flash, any make.
2) Tripod, we will be doing indoor and late evening shots at slow shutter speeds.
3) Basic knowledge of how your camera works.
4) Good hiking shoes and long pants as we will be hiking through some weeds and stickers.
5) Windbreaker/warm coat and umbrella, we may encounter some rain.
6) Flashlight to see where you are walking after the sun goes down.
7) Spirit of adventure!
8) Dress appropriately for rain or shine!
9) Own transportation to and from workshop.

What will be provided by instructor:

1) 4 hours of friendly and knowledgeable instruction.
2) 50 plus years of photography experience.
3) Gypsy Vanner & other horses to photograph, outdoors and in case of rain, in stables!
4) Pond setting to capture reflections.
5) Introduction to HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imagery.
6) Review and critique of your shots of that day.
7) Water and snacks.

Overview of Itinerary:

This will be an opportunity to photograph horses in a controlled environment. The Gypsy Vanner Horse (aka Gypsy Draft Horse) is a beautiful and rare new breed of horse envisioned by the European Gypsies. These horses have been selectively bred over the past 50 years to create a kind of small Shire that was colorful enough to match their caravans. These horses, bred by the Gypsies, are easily recognizable by their long, flowing manes and tails, and the profusion of feathers on their legs. These make them look as if they fly when they run.
Once we photograph the horses we will take a short break and then move to an open area that overlooks a pond. This will be done in the later part of the day and we will look at shooting reflections on water and depending on the sunset will introduce and learn to shoot HDR images utilizing a tripod. Please make sure you bring enough memory cards so that you do not miss out on any of the opportunities to learn and shoot better photography.
At the conclusion of the shooting we will move to an inside area to upload your images of the day and critique them. An award will be given to the best photo of the day selected by our group, depending on group involvement; we could finish after 6pm?
Limited cell service is available; an emergency number will be given at time of signup.

Important Note:

This event is non-refundable once the minimum number (4) students is acquired. Refunds or credit towards another workshop provided by Stan's Photo Art will be available at your request of a cancelled workshop by Stanís Photo Art. Owners of the Heavenly Grace Ranch require all attendees to sign a General Liability Release of Claims Form. If you do not sign it, you will not be allowed on the property or be eligible for a refund of your fees. A copy of the General Liability Release of Claims Form is available for your inspection upon request before you pay your fee.
Signup by calling Stan McQuown at (530) 589-7854.
Checks and Visa/MC accepted!
Stan & Lois McQuown
(530) 589-7854
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